1. When Athletes Share Infections
    The close contact and casual sharing that are components of team bonding can also be a breeding ground for infectious disease.
  2. How to Survive the Apocalypse
    Amid natural disasters, terrorist attacks and the North Korea nuclear crisis, it is not just camouflage-clad cave dwellers who are prepping for doomsday.
  3. 42 Minutes, £2,600 Lost: The U.K.’s Growing Gambling Problem
    The number of problem gamblers has risen by 50 percent in recent years, and campaigners blame a machine that is unique to British betting shops.
  4. The Weekly Health Quiz: Migraines, Drinking and Belly Fat
    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.
  5. Finding My Father, Preserved on Canvas
    His art collection, with its movement and irreverence for boundaries, took him places he could no longer travel.